Download Alight Motion Mod APK Latest Version (v5.0.259.1002336) 2024

This application is one the best motion graphics app that helps you in the editing of videos. alight motion mod apk latest version video editor is an excellent option for those who like to post their videos on social apps. Using this app, people can make their videos more unique and professional, bringing the viewers’ attention.

The app allows you to add different presets to your videos with the help of keyframes. So, if you want an amazing video editing app, free download the latest version of Alight Motion Premium Mod Apk 2023 with no watermark for iOS from our website.

This video editor has been used by more than 50 million people worldwide. Most people prefer this editing app because of its unique features that make it different than others. In the latest version of AM,

You will find many new hack features such as no watermark, unlocked all effects, support all presets, no lag, premium activated, XML support, and many more with a no-ads option. With the no-ads option, users can modify their videos without any disturbance and with full concentration. 

Alight Motion Apk Latest Version – Overview:

The Alight Motion Mod Apk is the best version of the video editor, which you can use to add your favorite effects to your videos. After editing your videos and images, you can share them with your friends and family. Using the app, you can export your videos in different formats like GIF, MP4, etc. The app gives you a huge variety of visual effects and new filters for editing. Moreover, the editing through this app leaves no logo on your videos, and you can share them without any watermark.

This app allows you to use all unlocked effects in your videos for free without spending money. alight motion mod apk latest version video editor has multiple blending modes through which you can immerse different effects in your videos. You can also enter text with stylish fonts and different stickers. With this video editor, you can do lyrical editing, convo lyrical editing, preset editing, anime editing, text editing, and many more by using basic editing tools. If the latest version does not work properly on your device, you can use the old version, as we give you all versions of the Alight Motion Apk for free.

Mod Features Of Alight Motion Mod Apk Latest Version:

In this latest version of Alight Motion, users will get different mod features do not present in the official app. Some modded features are listed below.

No Watermark:

This hacked version allows you to import your videos without any kind of logo or watermark, which makes your videos more professional. Other similar video editors mostly leave watermarks on videos after editing, which spoils all their looks and makes them inexpert. But by using this editor, you can edit and import your videos with no watermark.

Unlocked All Effects:

In the latest cracked version, you can enjoy all unlocked effects without paying any charge. These new and unique effects are not available in the official app, or you have to pay for them. But in our hack version, all the effects and filters are unlocked for free. So, to enjoy a wide range of unique effects for your video editing, you must try this cracked version of Alight Motion. Download the latest version of Alight Motion Pro APK

Support All Presets:

You can use all types of presets in this latest version of Alight Motion without any issues because it supports all presets. Because of this option, you will be able to add any of your favorite presets by importing them into your AM video editor. Moreover, this version also supports XML without lagging issues, which makes it different from other editing apps.

Download Alight Motion Mod Apk Latest Version (v5.0.38.102932) 2023

Updated Features Of Alight Motion Latest Version

Alight Motion app has many new features for its users through which they can easily learn the basic editing of videos. Here are some features of this video editor.

Keyframe Animation:

Alight motion mod apk latest version video editor gives you the fantastic option of keyframe animation, with which you can easily add your required effects and filters to your videos. Using the keyframes, you can adjust the timeline of your video and set the ending and starting point. Because of this option, you can use the special effects at any time you want while editing the videos. It also allows you to add text with different font styles per your requirement. .

Blending Modes:

Alight motion mod apk latest version gives you amazing blending modes through which you can enter many layers in your video and set their size and shape according to your requirement. Blending mode is essential to set the layers and different effects in the videos. alight motion mod apk latest version also allows you to change the opacity of layers the way you want. Moreover, the Alight Motion app provides lots of wonderful presets you can use for blending modes while editing videos.

Visual Effects:

In the Alight Motion editing app, you will get thousands of visual effects which you can use to edit your videos. These visual effects include clouds, shadows, exposure, hot color, highlights, color tune, and many more. With these effects, your videos look fascinating, stunning, and professional. To adjust the color scheme of your video, you can use the color tune option. So, to make your videos more unique, you should use this latest version of AM with a huge variety of visual effects and filters.

Export Formats:

The Alight Motion app gives you an amazing facility to export multiple formats of your one video without any hassle. Using this option, you will be able to export a certain image from your video. In this app, the formats in which you can export are PNG, JPEG, XML, GIF, MP4, and more. You can easily export your images and videos in any of the above formats and then share them with others. Therefore, if you want to export your videos in multiple formats, use this application. Read more: How To Fix Alight Motion Mod APK Errors

My Review:

I mostly use this editing app to edit my videos because it gives them a fascinating and professional look compared to other apps. This app gives the opportunity to learn basic editing using different tools. It supports all presets, so you can easily utilize them in your videos. What I love the most about this app is that it provides you with a wide range of filters and effects to make the videos more attractive. Moreover, using this app, there is no watermark on videos after editing. So, this is the best app for those who love to post videos on social apps. 

FAQs About The Alight Motion New Version Mod Apk:

The cracked version of Alight Motion is secure for all iOS devices such as iPhones, iPad, etc., and you can use it without any security and privacy threats as we will give you a safe app.

Using this video editor, you can export and share your videos without a watermark or any type of logo, enhancing your videos’ look.


In the above article, we have told you all about the Alight Motion app and its features; now, it is up to you whether you like it or not. To sum up, the alight motion mod apk latest version gives you a huge variety of effects, filters, stickers, font styles, and presets to use for the editing of videos. However, if the latest version is not working well on your device, you can also try the old version of the Alight Motion app with no watermark. You can contact us if you encounter any issues while downloading the latest or old version. Thanks for coming to our website.  

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