Alight Motion Mod APK For IOS ( of 3D Graphics

With the tremendous development in computer technology, video animation and Motion pictures are in great demand. The excellent graphics quality and visual presentation have taken the world of animation by spin and have been one of the greatest tools humans have ever invented.

App NameAlight Motion Mod APK
Size154 MB
Genre / CategoryVideo Players & Editors
MOD FeaturePremium Unlocked
Required Android6.0 and up
Developed ByAlight Creative, Inc.
UpdatedApr 17, 2024
Get it onGoogle Play StoreApp Store

In the following article, I have resolved all your queries related to the Alight Motion MOD APK for iOS.

alight motion mod apk for ios

What Is The Latest Version of Alight Motion?

The Alight Motion is a professional mobile application that helps you to animate your videos and pictures in high-end pixels through multiple layers of graphics. It creates and edits motion graphics as well. Read more about how to edit in alight motion

Alight Motion was created by Alight Creative Inc and gives you a free hand on illustration and vectors during graphics animation. The latest version of Alight Motion is the Alight Motion Mod Apk v5.0.0.102367. This version of the Alight Motion has the maximum number of fonts, presets, and blending styles for free.

You must be wondering if the Alight Motion is on iOS. The alight motion app is available for all, including Androids, iOS, iPad, and MAC.

Alight Motion APK Download

The Alight Motion iOS works well on your iOS and MAC books allowing you to edit your pictures, videos, audio, visual effects, and composition. Let’s start with the basics, like the Alight Motion APK download procedure in easy steps. Alight Motion is available on the play store and Apple and can be easily downloaded on your devices.

But the problem arises when the downloaded version has limitations that minimize its uses. This is because the Alight Motion IOS application has both a basic and a premium version. The premium version has more features but can cost you heavily in your pocket.

To overcome that problem, Alight Motion comes with its modded version, the Alight Motion iOS MOD. The alight motion iOS mod APK version allows you to enjoy all the features and tools with free access

Alight Motion MOD APK For IOS

As we know earlier, the Alight Motion MOD APK version gives access to all the tools without charging on your iOS; there are still things that you must keep in mind to support the Alight Motion app on your iOS or MAC.

The alight motion application is compatible with iOS and iPad version 12.2 and above. As for the MAC laptops, the version must be updated to macOS 11 or later and Apple M1 chip. You can edit photos, and videos, compose motion graphics, and introduce illustrations free of cost on the Alight Motion MOD APK v5.0.0.102367 on your IOS.

Another version of the Alight Motion is the Alight Motion iOS Pro. It is the latest version of the alight Motion and has all the premium features of the alight motion pro-iOS free like

  • creating and editing animations
  • multi-directional illustrations
  • a vast range of fonts and shapes
  • the blending of graphics layers.
  • No watermark

As you add more features like removing water make and more fonts and modes, you may need to subscribe to the paid version. However, you can get the alight motion-free membership iOS for most features.

Alight Motion Without Watermark IOS

Watermark is the company’s logo that appears on the composed or edited document while using the alight motion app. It appears on the whole page or at a corner but doesn’t look good and ruins your graphics; therefore, it must be lightened or removed from the graphics.

The watermark appears in the basic version but may not appear in the premium version of the Alight Motion iOS APK. Even if it appears, here are some easy tips on how to remove the alight motion watermark iOS for free. Read more about How To Do Transitions On Alight Motion

Downloading The Other Logo Removing Apps

There are many hacks and tricks on the internet to remove the watermark from the document. One such way is downloading logo-removing applications like In Shot, iMovie, Open Shot, and Denlike for your Mac and iOS.

  • Edit or create the animation on the Alight Motion and then export the animation to these applications.
  • Here tap on the logo watermark and remove it or increase transparency to the maximum.
  • Save the document from here and download it.
  • The animation will be watermark free.


The other way is installing the Alight Motion for iOS MOD, which allows you to edit your pictures and videos without the watermark and with a wide range of tools and fonts.

YouTube video

How To Use Presets In Alight Motion

Presets are the already present features of the software that elaborate your editing or animation graphics. You do not need to compose a new document; you can use the sample template to create your animation. Alight Motion APK iOS pro also has a preset.

As we move further, I will explain how to use presets in Alight Motion in iOS Androids, and Mac. You will also learn to add or remove a preset from Alight Motion on iPhones and iPads.

Let us start with adding a preset. You can add a preset on Alight Motion. Alight Motion has many effects to glorify your animations to another level. If you want to add an effect,

  • Go to the effects browser and select the layer to add the effect in that layer.
  • The effect browser has 4 parts.
  • At the top of the page is the search bar where you can search for the effect of your choice.
  • Under this is the recommendation box.
  •  As you scroll down, you will find the recent, and your favorite presets. This option will appear later if you are using Alight Motion for the first time.
  • At the bottom of the page is a fully organized library of these presets.

How To Use Ppresets In Alight Motion MOD APK For IOS

Now let’s look at how to use the presets in Alight Motion in different graphics layers. Before using these presets you must know how to add QR codes on alight motion iOS. But if you do not know, you can simply by following these steps

  • Download a QR code scanner and allow access to the camera on your iPhone and iPad.
  • Screenshot the QR code of the preset and then open it in the Alight motion iOS search bar.
  • The required preset will be opened directly.
  • Download the preset and apply it to any layer of the graphic animation.

If you are using the presets in the Alight Motion for the first time, it may be difficult to add and use the presets but practicing it stepwise will make it easier.

How To Add Music On Alight Motion IOS

Adding music and background dubbing is a key feature of video editing. The timing of the visuals and audio must sync otherwise the quality of the animation falls. If you want to edit your videos on alight motion iOS Mod, you should learn how to add music on alight motion iOS.

  • To add music or any audio in the background in Alight Motion, select any audio or video file from your phone
  • Click on the option import Music.
  • Manage the time duration carefully
  • There may be no volume on IOS, so bring the music first to 0 and then max to ensure, the volume is aligned.

How To Use Text Progress In Alight Motion

The Alight Motion is not only for editing motion and animated videos, but you can also add text to the graphic layers. You can make your text font better and add effects by learning how to use the text progress in Alight Motion.

  • Tap the text box on the screen and write the preferred text. This is how you put text in alight motion. Then use effects to start the text progress on the text layer.
  • Choose the text progress from the Text Slider.
  • A couple of options will appear on the screen.
  • You can change the font style and size.
  • The Start slider will remove the beginning text, and the End slider will remove the end text.
  • You can also add the Typing Effect by adjusting the keyframe and Blinking effect at the end.

Hence Alight Motion is a great way of editing your motion graphics and videos by adding text and effects.

Fonts Used In Alight Motion

Font designing is a critical part of Motion designing as the fonts appear only for some time; therefore, the font needs to be peculiar about the style and width of the text. The text should not be too thin to read or too bold to cover extra space over the image or video.

You can use different types of fonts while editing on the Alight Motion. These fonts vary in size, style, and progression. Here I have mentioned the fonts used in Alight Motion i.e.

  • Chunk Five
  • Merriweather
  • RBNo2
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Couture
  • Geared
  • Liberator
  • Governor
  • Mission Gothic

All these fonts are free in the Alight Motion MOD APK for iOS and help in elaborating the details of the animation.

Alight Motion iOS Gods And XML

Alight Motion iOS gods and XML are the variants of the Alight Motion APK that are modded and allow the users to utilize all the fonts and presets free of cost.

The Alight Motion MOD APK XML v5.0.0.102367 is premium unlocked and has all paid features that are not available on basic versions. It allows you to edit videos and use freehand vectors and multidimensional animation on various layers without the watermark.

Alight Motion Keyboard Shortcuts

During a professional graphics editing session, you might wonder can alight motion iOS keyboard shortcuts exist. Like every other system software, Alight Motion keyboard shortcuts are also present. These shortcuts make editing easy and just one click away. I have mentioned some shortcuts below that are quite handy while editing pictures and videos on Alight Motion.

  • Ctrl Z for Undo
  • Shift Ctrl Z for Redo
  • Backspace for Delete
  • Arrow keys for scrolling Up and Down
  • Ctrl-A for Select all
  • Ctrl D for Deselect All

How Does Alight Motion Crash IOS?

While using the Alight Motion MOD APK on iOS, it may occur to you if it affects the normal functioning of the iPhone. Well, yes, it is often seen in those users who download the Alight motion app on their phones. But the question here is, how does the Alight Motion crash iOS?

It happens on iOS because all the applications use the device’s resources, and when Alight Motion starts using these resources, the phone is slowed down and crashes the system.

How To Fix Alight Motion Lag IOS?

If your iOS system crashes, reboot the device and make sure all the heavy apps are closed. It may increase the load on the system, and Alight Motion iOS has trouble assessing them, so ultimately, the system crashes.


Here I have enlightened some of your queries related to the Alight MotionAPK iOSand answered the frequently asked that might pop into your mind while using the Alight Motion MOD APK for iOS. Let’s get started:

What Is The Latest Version of Alight Motion?

The latest version of the Alight Motion is v5.0.0.102367. That is an unlocked premium version with free presets, effects, and endless fonts without any charges.

How To Move a Layer In Alight Motion?

The Alight motion allows you to edit multiple graphics layers in your animations. You can move layers in alight motion on iOS by following the steps:

Press the command key (CMD) right or left brackets to move the brackets UP and DOWN respectively. It means CMD right moves the layer up and CMD left key moves the layer down.

How Much Does Alight Motion Pro Cost?

You can download the Alight Motion Pro version to get many effects, and graphics tools, and present to make a realistic animation video. The monthly subscription to alight motion pro costs you around 5$ per month.

How To Import XML Files In Alight Motion IOS?

If you are an iPhone user importing files from XMLon iOS may be a bit different and difficult for your as the default settings of alight motion do not work on iOS.

But you do not need to worry because we have got you covered here as well. To import XML files in alight motion iOS, you must use the AlightCloudlink or QR code scanner as these files cannot be imported directly. You can export the Project package and share it with others using the permanent link.

How To Get Alight Motion Pro For Free IOS 2023

You can download a basic version of alight motion free of cost from the Google play store or Appstore but to get alight motion pro for free iOS 2023, you must visit various links on the internet. These links allow you to download the alight motion pro version free of cost on your iOS.

Is Alight Motion On IOS?

The answer to this question is obvious. YES, the Alight Motion (Premium and MOD)is available on IOS, MacBook, iPad, and Android.

Wrapping Up!

To summarize my point above, I would say that Alight Motion iPad, iOS, or Android is a very useful professional editing application. The membership for the alight motion ios premium version may cost you up to 5 dollars per month. Still, the Alight Motion Mod APK for IOS allows

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