Alight Motion Mod APK For PC Download [All unlock]

Alight motion mod apk for PC is among the top video editing applications that offer incredible graphics, amazing visuals on your PC, and many other features. It’s an entire package that will meet all professional editing needs.

Video editing requires a large screen to do actual edits. The developers have created a way to enjoy this app on Windows PCs and Macs. Alight Motion MOD App PC offers many professional editing effects and important features.

Alight motionPC is a powerful yet simple-to-use video editing and animation program that can be installed on different Windows devices. Alight motion PC offers many features such as green screen effects and masking.

These are all useful tools that can equip you to create stunning videos or animations. You can improve engagement with stunning motion graphics and great editing of videos with alight motion mod – a video and animation editing application.

AdministratorIt would help if you were an administrator on your computer.
Operating systemMicrosoft windows seven or above version
RAMYour PC should have a minimum of 2GB RAM.
System ProcessorAMD or Intel processor
Hard Disk DrivePreferably 5GB free Disk drive
Graphic DriversMust have the latest drivers for graphics provided by Microsoft or chipset manufacturers.

What Makes Alight Motion So Prominent?

The most striking feature of an alight motion PC is its easy use. It’s unnecessary to have prior knowledge of editing videos or animations to create stunning videos and animations with this program. The interface is user-friendly, which makes its functions readily and easily accessible. It offers Windows as well as Mac versions to use. And every year, it updates to the new version. Alight Motion’s new version 2023 will launch with some new distinctive features to entertain video editors next year.

The developer of the Alight Motion apk is an Adobe software company. The Adobe software company is a well-known company for creating videos and editing software for PC and Android phones.

Alight Motion is an awesome app that edits photos and videos. It is an amazing app for creating professional animation videos while using Android; however, it also allows you to edit videos on your PC or Laptop. So here, we will guide you on installing the Alight motion pro mod apk for PC. For more information visit here Alight motion mod apk.

First Step Before Downloading Alight Motion

Alight Motion does not offer a direct application for Windows PC, so you will need to download an Android emulator to execute the Alight Motion APK program on your PC.

Many Android emulators in the market are free to download and use. Here are the top three emulators that allow users to have Alight Motion free download without any problem.

Alight-Motion-Mod-APK For PC

LD Player

We prefer LD player over all the other emulators because it has an easy and free-to-use interface. The best thing about this Emulator is that you can run this Emulator on your PC with an Intel Core i3 but with 4Gb RAM. So the computer’s RAM should be strong to run this Emulator, unlike Bluestacks.

Let’s examine how to configure Alight Motion Pro on the LD player.

  • Download the LD player on your computer or Laptop.
  • Start the Emulator after you have completed step 1 of the basic setup.
  • You can visit get the new version of the Alight Motion mod Apk for PC.
  • Drop the successfully downloaded Apk file into the LD player.
  • This application will take a couple of minutes to download and install promptly.
  • That’s the process, and Alight Motion Video Editor is available to you for free on your PC.

MEMU Play Emulator

Menu Play Emulator is a very useful Android Emulator that has 100 million plus users. Its Virtualization technology lets you run thousands of Android games and apps; even it supports apps that are very demanding in terms of graphics on computers. This third-party software can run Alight Motion PRO on your computer.

  • Download Memu Play.
  • Launch it and open your Google play store.
  • Write Alight Motion in the search bar and download it.
  • Once it is downloaded, you can freely edit your video projects.

Blue Stacks

Blue Stack is an Android emulator for Windows that is well-known and popular for its performance. It can run any application without delay and with a high-resolution rate.

Blue stack is the latest program that requires a powerful computer to run. The minimum requirement is 2GB RAM with an intel core i3 processor.

The latest version is Bluestacks 5, so you are advised to install the latest version to get all the new efficiency.

You can use BlueStack on your PC via the cloud. It is the world’s first Emulator cloud-based so that you can use Alight Motion online. Follow the steps you need to follow to install Alight Motion MOD Apk for PC successfully.

System Requirements For Alight Motion Software

If you want to install alight Motion for PC through Blue Stack, there are certain requirements that you will need to fulfill.

Once You Have Downloaded Bluestacks, Follow These Steps:

  • The exe files you have just downloaded are now openable.
  • Install this software on your PC just like any other software.
  • You can launch BlueStacks from the icon on your desktop screen.
  • Once you have fully installed it, open it now.

After successfully installing Blue Stack on your computer, you can install the Alight Motion Pro Apk. Follow these steps to install the light motion mod apk.

  • Go to the browser or play store to install the app.
  • Enter [] in your browser
  • Once you have downloaded Alight motion pro, it’s time to install it.
  • Just open the apk file and then install it like any other app.
  • Alight Motion Pro apk will now be visible on your Blue Stack screen.
  • Now launch the Alight Motion App and use it.
  • Now you can use the Alight Motion Pro Apk on a Mac or a PC.

Why Do Alight Motion Mod APK And Not Others?

Normally, it is asked why we should use the Alight Motion modified version on PC. The answer is this app is an essential tool for graphic creators and video editors. The Modded version serves the basic purpose of providing you with a professional editing environment at all times.

The main reason is that not everyone has a professional camera to make videos. This app offers you the great utility of editing, creating, and professionally mixing your videos.

Alight Motion MOD Apk for PC allows you to edit your videos, apply filters, adjust brightness, and create animations.No matter what camera you use, Alight Motion MOD window App will always be there to help with editing.

Merits of Alight Motion Mod For PC

Animation Feature

This is the most important feature in this Alight Motion video editor app for PC. Keyframe refers to the video that you can edit from frame to frame. Every Frame is the layer where you can add custom elements, animations, or filters.

Video Mixing Modes

You can also use Blending Mode to add layers to your video to change the size and another setting you desire. Alight Motion MOD Apk lets you add layers with different blending options. It also offers the feature of changing the layer opacity.

Vector Graphics

Vector graphics allow you to create animation videos in attractive colors and minimalistic images. You can also apply 2D and 3D effects. Alight Motion allows you to create images and special animations.

Different Exporting Formats

Alight Motion MOD Apk Mac allows you to export videos in various formats. You can now export videos and images as PNG, XML, and JPG. With Alight Motion MOD Apk for Mac, unleash your creativity by exporting your creations seamlessly in multiple formats, expanding your artistic possibilities.

Use a Separate Layer Editing Feature.

The elements of every layer are shown separately so you can edit your desired layer, so this feature of multi-layer editing provides you the comfort of editing.

Absence of Watermark

Most video editing software has a watermark on the final video; this may not look good to the creator of that video. But alight motion mod apk without a watermark for PC has a feature of watermark-free videos that make it prominent from other editing software.

Multiple Tasking

If you are equipped with a strong RAM, you can open up completely different video editing projects at the same time. You can have priority of Choice for working on projects.

Utility of Tutorial

For the ease of the user’s developer also provides a complete tutorial video for the users. Easy steps explain every option and feature that even beginners can use in this application.

Zero Ad During Editing

Unlike other free editing applications, Alight Motion does not show ads while editing your project, making editing smooth without any worry about ads.

Numerous Effects To Work On

The developer of Alight Motion has bestowed the app with many effects, so the user does not bore while using these effects. If you know how to put text in alight Motion, you can make videos by writing quotes on the images and share with people.

Direct Option To Share Your Video On Social Media

In Alight Motion, you can share your modified videos directly to social media accounts. It saves your time posting your videos on the social media platform.

High Definition Results

This is the most satisfying feature of Alight Motion because, after your effort to edit the Alight video, Motion does not disappoint you and provides you with an outstanding high-resolution video.

Equipped For Professionals

Professional video editors can benefit from the Alight Motion app; it would be easy for professional users to please their clients by admiring the professional features of editing videos and images. So the quality of your work would enhance.

Demerits Of Alight Motion mod for PC

There are no major demerits of alight motion editor, but sometimes sign-in issue occurs; there is another problem of video lagging. You can resolve this problem by reducing the pixels of the project.

Multiple Aspect Ratios


1-How To Download The Alight Motion Mod APK?

To download the alight motion mod apk new version 410, initially, you need to take help from a third-party software called emulators. The easiest Emulator to use is Bluestack; the steps are listed below:

  1.  First, download and install BlueStacks on your computer. It is easy to download from its official website.   
  2.  Download Alight Motion now download from the provided link.  
  3.   Open Bluestacks and click the option of  “APK.”  
  4.  Click on the Alight Motion apk file and choose to open it.   
  5.  Wait for the installation process to finish.  
  6.  Congratulations! Click on “My Games” and then enjoy this app.

So by following all the steps mentioned above, you can install the Alight Motion APK on your system, and it won’t be difficult to know how to use alight Motion for beginners if you completely read this article.

2-How To Do Transition On Alight Motion?

Transition effects engage the viewers to watch and enjoy the video, so transition effects in Alight Motion play a very important role in making the video interesting and effective. Here are the easy steps to apply transition on alight Motion:

  • First, by using the Alight motion app, add photos to the timeline by clicking the sign of + and adding media.
  • The next step is selecting your desired photo or image, going to the transition menu, and selecting the transition effects, you desire to apply.
  • For the video to review, animate the images.
  • After making the desired changes export your video in the quality you want.
  • At last, you have applied your favorite transition effects by using alight Motion. Read more in detail how to do transitions on alight motion

3-How To Do Velocity Edits On Alight Motion?

Velocity edits are a feature that manages the speed of the video. You can increase or decrease the speed of your video. It is also called the frame rate and the art of finding the best frame rate for your video.

  • First, you should apply all the desired stickers, filter text, and music, and then run the video at its normal speed.
  • By keeping the default speed, insert the animation feature in your Alight motion app.
  • Since your video will consist of different layers, we need to edit every layer of the video.
  • Now select the layer where you want to add the velocity
  • Your screen will show a graph.
  • You can do the graph setting. There would be a linear option and other options like; easy out, easy in, easy in, and easy out.
  • These sub-options will provide different speed results.
  • The linear option will keep the speed of the moving object constant
  • After applying your desired speed to the video, save your video.

4-Is Alight Motion Available On PC, And Can You Get Alight Motion On PC?

Yes, apps like alight Motion for PC are available to download, and you can run alight Motion on your PC by taking the help of an emulator; there are different emulators or 3rd party software available, but Bluestack is the best Emulator to run alight Motion on your PC.

5-How To Edit On Alight Motion For Beginners?

If you want to learn how you edit on alight Motion, then, First of all, open your Alight Motion app and select the option of “add” a new project will open. Now it’s up to you to select the size of your video; it could be 16:9 or 4:9 etc.

After that, you must select the resolution; it is better to select full HD 720p. Now select the frame rate. It could vary from 12 fps to 60 fps. Select any background and create the project.

Now you will click on the add button and select the option of image and video; all the available videos of your system are shown there. But you select to view all so you can easily select the desired clip.

Once you select your project, you can crop or cut it. You can add effects to it; you can adjust the video’s speed and change the video’s background by just clicking the buttons shown on the screen. It would be fun to edit with Alight Motion once you learn to use it.

YouTube video

6-Is Alight Motion Free On PC?

The answer is yes because you can get the basic version of this software free of cost. Alight motion mod apk for ios and PC. The basic version does not have access to use all the effects and features. So if you want full access to all the features of Alight Motion, you need to buy it.

7-How To Get Alight Motion On PC?

If you want to get Alight Motion on a PC, you will need an Emulator for it; without the help of an Emulator, you cannot launch Alight Motion on your PC.

8-How To Use Alight Motion On PC?

You will need an emulator like Bluestock; this software is designed to run Alight Motion on the PC.

9-How To Mask On Alight Motion?

Masking is one of the prominent features of Alight Motion. Masking helps you to isolate or customize certain areas of your video.

The two types of masks are:

  • Vector mask
  • Bitmap mask

You can add animation to your project without altering its resolution with a vector mask. But Bitmap masks comprise pixels; you can only get it drawn by painting on the mask.

  1. Select the sign of +and add your project
  2. select the mask that you want to apply to the layer
  3. For using the vector mask, you will select the pen icon to draw the mask, and for applying the bitmap mask, you need to select the brush icon from the screen.
  4. When you did apply the mask to your project, now click the play button to watch your video.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, we can say that the Alight Motion apk is the best video editor for everyone. It’s easy to install and use. This software’s best utility is installing it on your mobile and PC without any problem.

Alight Motion gives a professional touch to your edited videos and offers multiple options and features, so editing becomes a pleasurable activity.

If you try it and learn editing with the Alight Motion mod apk for PC, you will find it the best editing app you have ever used.

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