Alight Motion Mod APK v5.0.259.1002336 [Pro Unlocked Version] 2024

Through our Alight Motion Apk modded file of this app, the users can utilize all excellent accessibilities such as all premium features unlocked, Chroma Key, Luma Key, No Watermark, No Ads, and many other mod features without spending even a single cent.

App NameAlight Motion Mod APK
Size154 MB
Genre / CategoryVideo Players & Editors
MOD FeaturePremium Unlocked
Required Android6.0 and up
Developed ByAlight Creative, Inc.
UpdatedApr 17, 2024
Get it onGoogle Play StoreApp Store

Therefore, in this regard, we can say that the alight motion mod apk new version is the first motion graphics application that gives its users the complete liberty and ability to create professional motion graphics, visual effects, and animations from their Android devices.

Feel free to download Alight Motion Mod Apk on your mobile phone and access keyframe animation, advanced visual effect, color adjustment, vector graphics, and more.

What Is Alight Motion

Video and Animation Editor is the world of professional videos and animations even to its common users. Users can enable this cardinal editing tool on their mobile devices for free. All users can access great editing tools and remarkable visual effects that can be utilized to craft their cuts for animations and videos. Capture footage and put them right into your devices to create amazing videos.


To start with this app, you are free to bring great modifications to your animated Library according to your aesthetic sense with Alight Motion.

Here, you can create your hassle animations easily. And on of that, the useful keyframe animation is also given in this app with different settings, which would increase the capability of your editing abilities. To make things smoother, you can select specific motions from prebuilt elements and a set of presets.

Multiple Aspect Ratios

Why Alight Motion Mod APK

If you are looking for an effective and simple way to edit all your newly captured videos, this cool Android app can be quite helpful in creating excellent pieces of animation. Finally, your event trio of Android video editors will be the proper and complete introduction to Alight Motion Mod Apk. Along with KineMaster and FilmoraGo, this app can be your final choice for complete video creations.

It’d be quite appropriate to say that Alight Motion Mod Apk has a powerful mechanism that analyzes and proceeds deeply with your videos and allows you to make certain smart cuts of all undesirable clips. Also, it’s quite easy to add specific text highlights on a certain section or portion of your videos, which eventually helps your viewer to recognize the cardinal part of the video.

  • Moreover, one of the obvious features of this app is Vector Graphics, which allows you to illustrate almost everything you just imagine and put that on your videos and animations.
  • Like many other applications, Alight Motion Mod Apk offers a similar option, allowing you to customize all in-game videos effectively and easily.
  • Feel free to make the best use of a massive and vast collection of video editing choices and features, and enjoy creating awesome videos with an unlimited imagination. And most uniquely, this app would surely be a useful tool for this specific job for those who take a dense interest in making better-animated videos.
  • Feel free to make videos and create animation, and craft perfect professional pieces of video clips and motion graphics with your Android phones.
  • Align Motion Mod Apk offers an excellent set of tools, and you can make great use of them to edit your captured photo and video. Explore some amazing features that enable you to generate realistic animations and motion graphics.

Overview of Alight Motion Mod APK

Visual Effects

Main Features

Although Alight Motion Mod APK gives additional options, here, we’ve pure intention to highlight the basic features, which will help you understand the entire mechanism of this cool editing app.

Easy And Simple To Use

In fact, with an intuitive interface, Alight Motion App is quite easy and simple to use from all aspects by anyone. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional video editor doesn’t matter. You can still access all features of Alight Motion Mod Apk comfortably.

So, while utilizing this video editing software on your PC, users will also have great video editing experiences. And even you’ll get access to all editing operations directly through your finger control. Therefore, all users no need to adopt a hasty manner while using their mouse on their certain computer. Read More How to Use Alight Motion App

Powerful and Great Editing Tool

Feel free to download the alight motion mod apk without watermark through our website and enjoy unlimited editing facility even on your computer to create awesome graphics on their big screens of PC. And for this purpose, the users will have to install an Android emulator such as BlueStacks on their computer. After that, you can install our mod version of Alight Motion Mod Apk on your computer or laptop to run the editing process smoothly.

Alight Motion Mod Apk contains many ideal features for common and professional video editors. Because the users will have a lot of frames in their videos and utilize them to add numerous elements in each frame one by one, this amazing feature is quite effective for in-depth editing of all your selected videos. However, you can also make many modifications to each frame by selecting it and removing or adding more elements.

It’d be easy to say that this mod application has various visual effects, which you can add to your favorite videos and photos. More than 1000 visual effects are available in this app, which you can utilize to improve the quality of your overall media files.

This cool feature improves the video and picture quality to make it extra enjoyable. Feel free to add vector images in 2D and 3D formats to all your selected media files, where you’ll notice how vector graphics can be utilized to add specific animated videos to be unique and creative.

And with Alight, Motion Mod Apk you can make a perfect creative world in your mind and fulfill your creativity through its vector graphic features. Because this app is quite supportive of vector graphics and Bitmap, which allows you to simulate almost everything you want for your videos, in this regard, add many graphical layers, audio, and video easily. The users can select from presets or build their time curves to provide enough help to their animated videos with smoother Motion.

Besides, the users can also create fun-based animation by accessing many frames, adding quotes and text, and inserting lyrics for their videos. You will access over 2000 fonts, making your videos extra attractive and eye-catching. However, apart from available fonts, you can also add your fonts. Moreover, you can scale your videos with common ratios such as 1:1, 4:3, 9:16, and 16:9.

Blending Modes

With the help of different blending modes, users can add different layers and adjust sizes and shapes accordingly. To avail of this great feature, you can download the Alight Motion Mod Apk from our above secure link.

This application will certainly help you add different layers with many blending options to alter the capacity of each one. Also, the app contains tons of presets, bringing more ease and comfort to your work.

alight motion Features

Convert your Files into Different Formats

Yes, you read exactly right, because surely you need to convert your selected files into numerous formats like GIF, MP3, PNG, and so on. And this mod version of the app offers a lot of random formats, which can be easily converted merely with a single click. This awesome feature is regarded as one of the most demanding and appealing features by all Alight Motion users because they utilize it in their videos personally and commercially.

Animation with Key-Frames

We can’t deny the fact that one of the most fascinating and best features of Alight Motion Mod Apk is the animation with a keyframe. Once your video is formed, you can add custom elements and edit frames, which allows you to tune your animated videos with fine notes.

You will be able to add a vast range of components to the animation video frame victimization of the code. The object’s position can be altered frame by frame. Alight Motion Mod Apk allows you to complete professional management over the animation video’s redaction.

A lot of Useful and Impressive Effects

Alight Motion Mod Apk is a capable and complete animation system and editor that offers different visual effects. Take start with incredible gradient fill effects and the complete colorful collection. Put on shadow effects and borders on your certain animated items.

Moreover, you can also utilize the velocity-based motion blur to create animated effects quickly. Amazing color corrections and visual effects breathe a realistic feel to your animations.

Of course, Alight Motion Mod Apk contains a massive collection of practical effects for both images and videos. Because your videos will take a more special and attractive shape with shadows, borders, and eye-catching effects, this application gives distortion effects to make your videos more impressive and attractive. Among them, famous effects like Bulge/ Pinch, Wave Warp, and Swirl focus on a specific point to indent or make that photo convex. Feel free to turn your videos into blurry, mystical effects or add depth after utilizing the blending mode.

Alight Motion APK

All users can customize the time completely and use variable blended effects in the same video. And, of course, all professional video editors are fully aware of the importance of colors because colors demonstrate the scene in a video or merely in a video. With useful highlighting and coloring effects, users can easily adjust the color in a single scene or a long video or use one or more two intertwined colors.

Multiple Aspect Ratios

The aspect ratio in Alight Motion Mod Apk is the size ratio of any image. It is usually measured in colons, which have almost two factors.

  • One factor is the length of the image or video.
  • The second factor comes under the scope of the width of the video or image. The users can modify the length and also the width of their video.

You need to tap on the Aspect Ratio options and put your favorite values or numbers to alter the total size of your concerned file.

The most amazing fact about this feature is that it’ll not disturb the quality of all your selected files, like many applications that’ll alter the original quality by modifying their aspect ratio.

Colors Adjustment

As a user of this app, you’ll be able to modify the color of your choice. Many numberless shades of every color can be utilized in your videos. However, not only colors, you can adjust the level of intensity of any color by maintaining the option.

Access to Maximum Fonts

Most of the users face a lot of difficulty in terms of expressing fonts separately. In Alight Motion Mod Apk, adding fonts increases the real attraction of all videos. But in smartphones and other editing apps, a certain limitation of font collection always remains, providing a typical normal view for videos.

But after downloading the Alight Motions Mod Apk, the users can access full fonts; it contains almost 200 inbuilt fonts, which you can use to give your videos a vivid and impressive look. Furthermore, you can also animate your text in numerous forms in graphical-based animation videos.

Alight Motion Mod Apk is a kind of app with various editing fonts that give your text a cool and stylish look. And you can add your custom fonts to your videos. So, it can be said that there’ll be no difficulty in editing fonts of isolated styles.

Furthermore, users can quickly animate text in different shapes by adding text to graphic animation films. With many such fonts to decide on, you’ll build your own appealing and stunning text fonts successfully. They’re a square measure a lot of fonts to decide on from. However, you will transfer your text fonts and use them if you like.

Import Your Editing Materials or Download Them From The Library

To make the entire editing process more accessible and intuitive, all Android users are allowed to import all their editing materials easily from the online Library and the internal storage in Alight Motion Mod Apk. This mechanism allows its users effective and swift editing on their Android devices.

So, on top of that, to help you create your videos, this application offers a fast export option that offers GIF animations and MP4 videos. And as the user of this useful app, you’ll be able to create your own desired pieces of animations and also upload them through the standard definition.

Addition of Bitmap And Vector

Different sources and techniques are developed in the modern era, providing numerous video creation options. But these various options are not in complete access to every user. Many people work professionally and intend to create exclusive and useful video animation because nowadays, competition enhances the popularity of videos on multiple social media groups.

Therefore, in this regard, creating motion graphics is a bit hard, but users can avail themselves all when they have Alight Motion Mod Apk installed on their mobile devices. That’s why this app allows users to style their projects individually from others.

This application comes with the addition of Bitmap and vector, which gives you complete support by providing a professional touch. The app is based on different advanced features. Feel free to set your favorite vector files on your Android devices with the support of vector-based editor elements. These useful elements provide ideal and real results without any genuine issues. A vector graphic is a great source for editing multiple shapes images for your video animation.

Create Live for Multiple Objects and More

Alight Motion Mod Apk introduces more key resources and systems for designing a life almost for all things. And that comes with vivid and clear transition effects for users, so that could create great masterpieces from many novel and funny ideas, including modifying the official work.

Furthermore, it can modify everything easily and freely, an accurate development for users to enjoy almost everything to the full extent. 

Save all your Desired Elements Quickly

Accessing its shortcuts allows you to make Alight Motion Mod Apk more instinctive and well-situated. That is why the users can save their desired effects and elements in this app into specific groups for their future projects.

Here, you’ll not yourself have too much work on the app because only a few modifications can give you a completely edited piece of animation or a video.

Publish your work with High Quality

While using Alight Motion Mod Apk, users will be assured that this application fully supports exporting animated GIFs and MP4 videos in multiple formats with complete high definition.

Because this application allows you to save your crafted work in drafts to be used for subsequent edits, you can also upload your desired works to different social networks to record the best moment and allow everyone to enjoy them mutually.

Free to Play

Yes, multiple editing apps can be availed of either paid or free versions. But when things come to Alight Motion Mod Apk, we are in the right position to say that it comes with two cases. Because at the start, the Alight Motion Premium Apk is a paid app, it can be said that only those people who pay premium fees can utilize its extra features for this app during its usage.

But after some time, the Alight Motion Effects Free Download feature brings great news for its users. And now, they can use this app without paying any cash because many users don’t have to pay capacity for certain app charges. Therefore, Alight Motion Mod Apk brings many unlocked elements for free whereas paid subscriptions are almost unlocked.

Now all user can enjoy their video editing, graphics, and visual effects, creating animations without facing any kind of issues and also paying any money. So, feel free to download this premium-based version of Alight Motion Apk and start editing your videos in your leisure time with different effects, which the app provides you for free.

No Watermark

Nowadays, the most common and regular issue in many video editing effects is the clear appearance of watermarks, especially after editing. And in many video editing apps, this devastating factor is quite common and creates a lot of issues when professional video editors use such apps.

But this issue will not prevail in Alight Motion Mod Apk because you will not come across a watermark while using this mod application. That’s why the alight motion mod apk without watermark download is a useful video editing component on your Android phone.

Chroma Key

The Chroma key is the final feature of Alight Motion Mod Apk, which allows its users to add or remove the green background on their videos to create the videos like Hollywood or Bollywood movies in a couple of efforts with dedication.

Premium Subscription has been Unlocked

Alight Motion, a Mod Apk video editing app, contains many premium features like Luma Key, Chroma Key, Saturation, Lens Blur, Exposure, and many others that provide the users the eventual experiences of a typical professional video editor.

But the users can’t do most of them because they are unlocked and require an immaculate and working premium subscription to get unlocked. Therefore, through Alight Motion Mod Apk, we’ve shared almost all the premium features, which are fully unlocked and can be utilized for free.

Have more fun with our Unlocked App

Certainly, all users will find ads and in-app purchases in the original version of Alight Motion Mod Apk, which can be quite annoying and also irritating for you. Therefore, you can easily switch to our mod version of the app. And you can access almost all the available features of this game without purchasing any kind of subscription.

And at the same time, it has unlimited fun while creating animations without facing any issues or disturbance by advertisements. So, make the proper use of this app without paying cash and simply download the Alight Motion Mod Apk from our website and enjoy editing freely.

Most Updated Latest Version

The alight motion mod apk hacked version has various advanced elements that support all animated editing videos. In this modern world, video editing has been the way of living for many people in most high kinds of competitions. So for taking an extra edge over your opponent’s videos, players need a more excellent source for editing different types of animated videos.

Alight Motion premium version comes with numerous updates which provide you enough support in completing all your tasks immaculately. The application includes many of the latest effects like a linear streak, spin, zoom, and more. Moreover, also many helping and blending tools are added here. Certainly, the latest version of Alight Motion has higher audio quality. All bugs also have been fixed.

Quick Features

Alight Motion Pro Modded Components

  • Quick results with no-watermark
  • Addition of chroma key
  • No ads version
  • Unlocked Effects
  • Multiple layers for editing
  • Versatile Fonts importable
  • XMP support
  • Without lag

Alight Motion Pro Unlocked Features:

  • Bye bye! Watermark
  • Preset Supportive
  • Premium Features in alight Motion Mod apk-Unlocked APK
  • alight motion presets mod apk
  • XML Support
  • Premium Activation of Mod

Drawbacks of Alight Motion Mod APK

Even after having so many useful and free premium features, there’re drawbacks, which are necessary to mention here with complete details.

Often Crashes And Stop Working On Specific Devices

It can be noticed that most of the time, your Android device stops working properly. However, some solid complaints have been recorded regarding the instability of specific mobile phones. And the worst section is that it stops the editing process, which can be bumpy.

But here, you would have our most updated Alight Motion Mod Apk link with the latest version, so feel free to enjoy the video editing on perfectly capable hardware.

  • Template and customization feature for reusing elements
  • Attentive customer support
  • Flawless animation and realistic effects
  • User-friendly interface and compatible with multiple devices
  • Heavy files like audio/visual files take time to export
  • Bugs and crashes may occur if not downloaded via secure links

Download And Install Alight Motion Mod APK

Alight Motion Mod Apk downloadable files are available. It is easy to install, so you must follow certain steps. First of all, you need to scroll up and find the download button, which is given at the top of this article. Then click on our secure download link to start the downloading process smoothly. Afterward, go to your mobile phone settings, and enable unknown sources.

The procedure mentioned above is a general method to download and install. However, depending on your device type, you ought to select the procedure suitable for your device.

Installation On Phone/ Android Devices

  • For Android devices, before downloading Alight Motion, Mod Apk removes the existing versions from the device.
  • Remove the cache and clear the existing folders.
  • Afterward, Download the Alight Motion Mod Apk for Android from the given link.
  • Open the Security settings and allow unknown sources.
Enable unkown in phone
  • The installation will start right after the download is complete.
  • So, move to your Android phone’s download folder and tap on it to start the safe installation of the Alight Motion mod version. Now open the game and enjoy playing the modified apk file.

Installation On PC

Installation of Alight Motion Mod Apk on PC is a bit tricky. Often people find it difficult, but using the right procedure will enable you to attain the operational software on your PC and Laptop.

  • Download 3rd party supporting software, usually Bluestacks and NOX player. Android Emulators makes the Android software compatible with PC and Laptops.
  • Once you have Android Emulator on your device, you can play any mobile application, including the Alight Motion Mod apk on your PC.
  • Before installation, you need to “ import from Windows” or extract.
Import from window
  • Finally, tap the launch button, and it’s ready to work.

Installation On MAC

The MAC-compatible software is quite limited. But using the right Emulator will enable you to get the APK on your MAC device.

  • Find the suitable Emulator and download it.
  • Install the Emulator before downloading the Alight Motion Mod Apk file
  • Once you have the Emulator, click the link given on the page
  • Select open with “blue stack/NOX players.”
  • Agree on terms and conditions to proceed downloading process.
  • You will get an official notification, enabling you to install the All Premium feature unlocked version of the Alight Motion MOD apk.


Yes, it is a very important question because many people download this app but do not have basic knowledge of video editing, then they are stuck and prefer to quit. So, for all users interested in using Alight Motion, we have added its proper usage without any mistakes.

Alight Motion utilizes AI technology through its built-in system. Therefore, all users can create the most vibrant and vivid videos or photos on their mobile phones. The real capacity of this app is to provide all the tools and facilities to its users to create certain motions for each video.

Therefore, we can say that Alight Motion is quite different and unique from other conventional video designing applications. And also, at the same time, this app takes a lot of perfect and essential knowledge to create the most amazing, entertaining, classical, and memorable video.

Alight Motion Apk is the best and most useful motion graphics app developed by Alight Creative. It is right to say that this app has been around for a long period and has become the number# 1 choice for users through Google Play Store due to its user-friendly interface, which is easy to use by all users.

However, the Alight Motion is entirely free to download and use by its users. And they can utilize this great app to edit their videos with good professional graphics and synthesize videos from multiple photos to their liking.

Yes, the official version of Alight Motion has a watermark, which is quite annoying for its users. But on the other hand, the users can access our modified version of the alight motion mod apk no watermark, and you can download images and videos without any watermark.

Alight Motion Mod allows users to export videos to video editing apps like Movie Maker, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, and other popular video editing tools.

Yes, apart from its other free features, this app is 100% free, and you can access it without paying anything.

Yes, of course, this application is 100% secure and safe from all perspectives and can use on any Android device with complete safety. And before posting all mod apk files on our website, we test them through premium-based anti-viruses and our developer’s team. So, you can enjoy Alight Motion Mod without getting hacked.

No, because Alight Motion is not specifically for Android devices, and the users can also utilize it on other operating systems like IOS and Windows. But here, we are more concerned with the Alight Motion application, which can be utilized only on your Android devices.

Getting an Alight Motion Premium-based membership is impossible until you have a lofty discount offer. But you do not need to pay your precious money to get a premium membership because our Alight Motion Mod version is free of cast, and you can download and install it from our website completely free.

After installing this mod app from our safe and secure download link, you will find all the premium features unlocked and incumbent tools for more productivity. Therefore, you will have complete access to fully unlocked premium features, where you will not see ads and watermarks. Moreover, users will also enjoy the Chroma Key feature and use it while editing their videos.

Yes, in this regard, you can access different latest video editing apps to create your desired videos on your Android devices. And you can use PowerDirector, VivaCut, and Kinemaster, some popular names in video editing applications.

And also, there are more applications, but here we would like to mention that they are quite above and effective, and the best editing application is our modified version of Alight Motion.

First, open the light motion, go up, and click on this specific icon, and you can tap the green icon to start the project. So, through this pop-up menu, you can give a certain name to your project from this box.

Simply go to our website, type alight Motion from our search section, and then click on our safe download link.

Close the selected layer editing panel by clicking on the back arrow, and during this, tap anywhere on the preview or timeline. But outside the layer, tap, select the shape, and click the circle.

Alight Motion MOD Apk is the latest version.

For this purpose, players will have to go beyond the second end, where is a property keyframe, then swipe to almost 100. In case of scrubbing through the project slowly, you will see the end property drawing the stroke.


It can be said that when it comes to making motion graphics and animations efficiently and quickly, the alight motion mod apk all version becomes the best and foremost video editor for you. All those features are incumbent to make your video ever-green are given in it. Moreover, no extra space. You need to use this app on your PC or mobile phone.

Method Of Using Alight Motion

Part 1

YouTube video

Part 2

YouTube video


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