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Alight Motion Effects is an innovative and professional tool for all designers, and it helps them create a cardinal visual impact in your videos. You can easily utilize this app by dragging and dropping the alight effect in your photos or video. After that, you can adjust multiple parameters such as color, speed, and more settings to get excellent results.

Moreover, the users can utilize this motion effect to create text animations or active light trails that will be your video’s true and obvious highlights. It would be best if you remembered that alight motion is the only motion designing application that provides its user a professional and commercial quality for video compositing, alight motion video effects, editing, visual effects, motion graphics, and animation. Hit the download button and access all Alight Motion effects for free.

Beat + Shake + Effects

Furthermore, after dropping or dragging alight motion effects on your selected project, you can utilize the effect controls panel to hide or show the effect envelope. So, the simple and smooth way to generate a glowing logo is using an alpha channel, which can be used as a mask for effect. You can select the mask after creating your logo image and tapping on the certain mask button, which comes under the scope of the properties panel.

If you have the dense intention to modify the light trai color, then with the help of the timeline, click on the alight motion twice and select your favorite color from the color palette from the effect controls panel. 

The alight glow effect intensity, contrast, and other settings are also adjustable. It is right to say that light trails are not just proper when used with logos or text because they can be utilized to create astonishing light trail effects while editing your videos

Overview Alight Motion Effects

NameAlight Motion Effects
Size154 MB
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Developed ByAlight Creative, Inc.

Main Features

Here, in this article, we have added the useful features of Alight Motion Effects. We are sure after reading them; you will be able to use all its cardinal elements for your concerned videos.

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Alight Motion Presets

It would be perfect to say that the alight motion presets are an excellent way to add your desired movement to your logo or text. You can utilize presets for extra complex movements or smooth animations. Furthermore, you can access almost four presets:

  • Spiraling Swirls
  • Floating Clouds
  • Shimmering Lines
  • Rolling Waves

Floating Clouds

The preset floating clouds also have a complete series of circles, randomly moving down and up. With this preset, you can create a pure whimsical feel. To utilize this preset:

  • Add Logo or Text
  • Move to Effects
  • Create a Certain Part of Animation, then apply it as an effect
  • Also, create a specific circular path
  • Feel free to apply the floating clouds preset on your logo

Shimmering Lines

This preset shimmering line has a perfect series of straight lines, which can be moved down and up in a diagonal way. And it is quite exceptional to create movement in the background. However, to utilize the shimmering lines preset:

  • You will have to add text
  • Go to Alight Effect, and select one of the presets
  • Generate movement in the background
  • Create diagonal line

Spiraling Swirls

The Spiraling Swirls preset contains a proper series of rings that move from a specific spiral pattern. It can be said that this preset is excellent for creating a movement for the following.

  • Alight Motion Background Effect 
  • Enhancing Logo

Furthermore, you will have to add your logo or text to use this preset. And in this regard, go to alight effects and select one of the presets from Spiraling Swirls. Another great way to utilize this cool preset is by creating the animation part, which then applies an effect. For example, create a circular animation and apply this useful preset to your logo.

Rolling Waves

It can be noticed that the rolling waves preset has a wavy line, which also moves down and up during rotating at an exact angle. You can create an active and vital background. Moreover, you will add a logo and move towards alight effects to use this preset. The rolling waves preset are the best choice for creating the wavy line animation. So, apply this incredible preset-like effect to your text and logo.

Light and Color Effects

Well, as the users click on this option, then light effects show will appear. So, you will see a lot of effects inside it after clicking on the effect. You will see effects such as:

  • Glow Effect
  • Color Tone Effect
  • Color Temperature Effect
  • Bump Effect
  • Brightness Effect

However, you will find a lot of such effects in this effect of life and color.

Blur Effects

If we discuss blur options, we will have many effects. Because you will be able to utilize the zoom blur effect, box blur effect, gaussian blur effect, and direction blur effect, so you can use a lot of effects through the alight motion blur effect.

Alight Motion Top Effects

3D Effects

All users can use 3D effects and create a lot of 3D animation effects to use in their videos. And along with that, you will also have the option to get free effects. 3D animation has been easy with alight motion effects due to its smooth and simple process.

Edge and Drawing Effects

After accessing edge and drawing effects, you will get awesome effects because you will have complete liberty to modify the drawing and color of any elements. With Alight Motion effects, feel free to utilize the following effects.

  • Electric Edge Effects
  • Edge Glow Effects
  • Drawing Progress Effects
  • Contour Lines Effects
  • Contour Gradient Effects, and much more.

Shake Effects

All Alight Motion users can bring shake effects to their projects. You need to click on the plus symbol to bring shake effects and add any image. Then check settings like adding sound effects and changing background music. Now download the available effect and add it to your selected photos. Add music and trim the extra part of your image.

Now it is time to add the downloaded effect for your selected picture. Click for the full-screen option. After that, fill in the image screen, tap on the export option, and choose quality from the available options. This way, you can add shake effects to your projects after downloading the alight motion shake effect.

Text Effects

It is correct that with the alight motion text effect pack, all users can add lyrics to their photos and videos. And through text effects, you can add multiple text effects such as light text effects, advanced animation text effects, and much more.


Opacity is quite a useful feature because all users can create effects for their images and videos. And can apply speed fade effects by fading the layer from beginning to end. This process can be performed within seconds after creating animations.

Shape Effects

Alight Motion Effects also offer a shape effects feature, which is quite exciting and can be used for your videos and photos. Moreover, with shape effects, you can easily add almost all types of lions and create multiple designs and other creations.

Sound Effects

While editing your videos or images, you will always have the option to utilize audio and sound options from Alight Motion Effects. You can use different tracks, sound effects, and audio to bring unique elements to your editing projects.

Alight Motion Elements 

Suppose you forgot to add some cardinal alight motion elements in your photos and videos. In that case, you have a suitable option to attach elements by utilizing the element option from Alight Motion Effects. Certainly, you will be able to bring your favorite effects to your videos. 

Slow Fast Moving Effects

Alight Motion Effects also provide slow fast-moving effects. And with this feature, you can also bring your desired fast or slow-moving effects to your photos and videos.

Additional Features

  • For Alight Motion Transitions, a proper set of presets
  • For each effect, presets are available
  • Alight Motion Butterfly Effect
  • Color grading badge presets are given 
  • Alight Motion Beat Effect
  • Overlay Effect Alight Motion
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Does Alight Motion Keep Crashing?

You must note this point in your perception that deleting apps or files on your device with the intention that you could free up reasonable space will not work out, and you will not be able to prevent alight motion crashing. Because until Alight Motion could not say that to export the project, enough storage is available. The place is not there. 

How To Move Layers In Alight Motion?

The easiest way to move layers in alight motion is up and down the certain timeline, then choose the layer. Tap the command key on your screen, then utilize the right and left to open brackets. 

How To Animate The Alight Motion?

First, you need to place the pivot point properly for the lower arm at the elbow, then for the upper arm, place it on the shoulder. And, if the layer looks perfectly connected without the outlines, then it means you are going well.

How To Use Alight Motion Effects?

After accessing the effect browser, you need to find the effects. Then choose any layer, click Effects, and tap add effect. The effect is distributed into four sections.

How To Save Alight Motion Video?

First, open the installed application of Alight Motion on your android device, and move to your video project, where you edited and intend to save it. The click arrow icon is given in the top corner. On your video menu, click to adjust your video export quality. Then tap export. So, it will tick no thanks; I love the watermark. Then click to continue. The video exporting processes will start running.

How To Use Alight Motion Presets?

You must install its application to use motion presets on your Android phone. Then attempt to import your content on your favorite presets.

How To Clear The Cache On The Alight Motion?

Well, the process of clearing caches on alight motion is quite simple. So, go to the settings of your Android mobile, choose alight motion, then tap storage, so clear cache data comfortably.

How Many Effects Are In Alight Motion?

You will come across hundreds of free effects in alight motion that can be utilized for your videos. 

How To Add Effects In Alight Motion?

Move towards the effect controlling tab, and then start adding it.

Where To Download Alight Motion Presets?

From the numerous resources, you can import, which are accessible online free through the internet. Moreover, you can download 30 + multiple alight motions presets.

Wrapping Up!

Finally, we are better positioned to say that Alight Motion Effects have an excellent tendency to bring incredible changes to your photos and videos. That is why keeping the importance of its effects in our perception, we have added all relevant effects for you in this article.

We recommend downloading free effects for alight motion and making videos or photos more unique. However, if you face issues while using them, write to us by leaving your queries in the comments section; we would love to reply in time. If you want to read more in detail, then visit How To Use Alight Motion App

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