Best 17 Alight Motion Templates in 2024 You Can Use Free

Templates refer to preformatted designs and layouts of a document that are used for making specific types of documents. As Alight Motion is an editing app, it provides you with hundreds of templates that you can use to edit and beautify different kinds of animated videos and graphics.

 Recently, it has introduced many latest templates that are simply WOW!!! Many of the templates of the Alight Motion are free to download and you can use them without buying a subscription. This article discusses some of the most popular templates of Alight Motion which you can use to beautify your videos and graphics.

Best 17 Alight Motion Templates in 2024 You Can Use Free

Best Free Templates of Alight Motion

  1. Alight Motion intro template: Every video needs an introduction. Therefore alight motion has introduced many beautiful introduction templates that you can use for presenting a classy introduction.
  2. Alight Motion beat template: This template is specially designed for music lovers. It gives your animated graphics and videos a modern pop touch. Now you can add your pictures with such a chic animated template. The screen will move like a beat sound and music will be played in the background.
  3. Alight Motion template cap cut: It is the most trending template of Alight Motion nowadays. With this template, you can layer your multiple pictures together and this template will slideshow all of them in a stylish way.
  4. Alight Motion Template 2022: There are many new templates introduced in 2022, which appeal to a variety of different users. However, the most trending 2022 template has a black background and neon lights irregularly passing through the center, to give it a modern touch.
  5. Alight Motion template TikTok: Many tiktokers use Alight Motion to edit their TikTok. Therefore there is a specific template that makes TikTok-styled animations for you.
  6. Alight Motion template XML: It is also one of the most famous templates used nowadays. It first shows a small animated picture and then keeps zooming it to make it medium and then large. After that, you can further zoom in on the picture to take a close-up.
  7. Alight Motion Template Black Screen: This template is specially designed for cherishing the love of black. The background of this template is black. Plus, there are several small twinkling white hearts are present on it. In some templates, there are butterflies whereas, in others, there is text.
  8. Alight Motion Sync and CC template: This template does what the name suggests. It syncs as well as shakes and moves your photos. It gives them a funny yet trendy and stylish look.
  9. Alight Motion CC template: It is such an amazing template offered by Alight Motion. It adds layers of multiple brightness filters on top of your photos. There is a slideshow of these filters and the color of your picture will change many times as per the filter color. 
  10. Alight Motion templates jedag jedug: This template is inspired by jedag jedug musical videos. It has several lighting effects that will beautify your pictures. Moreover, there is also music playing in the background.
  11. Alight Motion Template Habibi: This template is for photogenic people and lovers of editing. It allows you to add multiple blurring and zooming effects to beautify the pictures. It gives a chic look to the videos.
  12. Alight Motion text templates: These templates are especially desired for adding text to your videos. Here you can choose different shapes which you want to add to your text. Moreover, you can also select font color, size, and design as per your choice to beautify your text.
  13. Alight Motion gaming intro template: This template is designed for fans of gaming. With this, they can give an introduction to the game and add a variety of pictures to display the story, gameplay, game gadgets, etc.
  14. Alight Motion Template Myanmar: Just like all the other templates, it also has bright-colored backgrounds. The backgrounds are decorated with different shapes and pattern that gives it a really good look. You can customize this template in any way you want.
  15. Alight Motion YouTube end-screen templates: Alight motion is also used by YouTubers for designing their videos. Therefore, the alight motion also presents you with multiple end-screen YouTube templates that you can put at the end of your YouTube videos.
  16. Alight Motion Ying Yang styled template: This template is inspired by the famous Ying Yang sign. It is mostly used as an intro template. Firth the text or picture is presented and then with the help of animations, it turns into a Ying Yang sign.
  17. Alight Motion 2D template: This template is designed for too-loud design lovers. It had bold 2D animated graphics. It gives such a funky look to the photos and videos. Read more about the Alight Motion Features.

FAQs Section

Yes, you can use alight motion on the computer. However, you cannot directly download it on a computer as you do for phones. Rather you have to use a good Android emulator to install it on a computer.  

In Alight Motion, the objects we want to animate are present in the form of layers. If you want to animate any object in Alight Motion, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • First, you need to break that object into layers.
  • After that, select the layers you want to move by holding or tapping the layer.
  • Shift layers to the left side.
  • Drag them to the spot you want to move them.
  • After everything is set, see the preview.

To zoom in on the Alight Motion, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Take a picture or clips.
  • Add a keyframe.
  • Zoom in to the key frame as much as you prefer.
  • See the preview, the images will be zoomed in.
Alight-Motion-Mod-APK For PC
Alight-Motion-Mod-APK For PC


Alight Motion is such an amazing editing app that offers thousands of templates for editing different kinds of videos. These templates are modern, stylish, and trendy. If you also want to use these amazing temples, download the Alight Motion right now!!!

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