How To Use Alight Motion App [Everything Explained] 2024

Alight Motion was one of the first applications for editing videos on smartphones. Video and photo editing are both possible with it. The interface is still incredibly simple and easy to use. But for non-techy people, it’s quite difficult to use. For this reason, this blog post which is about “How to Use Alight Motion App,” gonna help you.

This best motion editing app is a powerful video editing tool that makes outstanding and professional edits. However, you can edit photos, images, videos, and animations extremely well with this program. You can create stunning videos using images and much more with the Alight Motion Video Editing app. A Light Motion is free and open-source, as well as simple to use.

How to Use Alight Motion App

Overview of the Alight Motion App

Alight Motion Video Editor (AM) is an application that allows users to edit videos. People today prefer video editing over other forms of media, and it has become increasingly popular. Free and convenient to use, the application can be used by anyone. Allows you to freely choose from many effects, skins, etc. AM Pro helps users create unique videos using professional graphics tools. Graphic designers and photographers can benefit greatly from this software since it is so easy to use. You will surely be able to create amazing videos with Alight Motion’s simple interface and outstanding features. In no time at all, you can create your own videos.

The app features an easy-to-use, sleek design that provides relaxation and ease of use. It takes just seconds to create even complicated motion graphics with the system’s powerful backend. Enjoy your projects while exploring content and creating with ease using a variety of tools.

The application’s private sharing area allows you to preview and share your projects with collaborators. Content creation will be easier, and your privacy will be improved.

This Alight Motion Mod Apk app allows you to apply a motion blur filter based on velocity, which can enhance your video projects’ smoothness. With a wide range of footage types, including slow-motion and fast-motion, it is compatible with real-life scenarios well. Your video can be more stylized and interesting if you adjust the blurring level according to your preference. Read More How To Do Velocity Edits on Alight Motion

How To Use Alight Motion App – Beginner Guide

Firstly, you need to download the Alight Motion Mod Apk Video and Animation editor app to your Android, IOS, or PC device. The version you should download depends on the configuration of your device. Once you install it, then let’s get started:

YouTube video

Import from your Device

To use the Alight Motion app, you must first install it on your device and then import your photos (Camera). The step can also be skipped if you already have your images or videos on your mobile phone. You can also read Alight Motion Effects.

Different Editing Ways

Your project can be edited in two ways after selecting multiple images. Aside from editing images, you are also able to add elements, fonts, and vectors on the fly. Bulk editing is the second option, where all your selected images are edited with a single tool. The bulk options can be applied all at once, saving you time. In this way, you have the option of choosing the option that is most appropriate for your needs.

Basic Things

Cropping, copyrighting, frame adjustments, and sound settings are all general editing actions you can do on your images next.

Try Different Filters

Afterward, there’s a filter option. After clicking on filter liberty, you’ll see a filter option appear, which helps you apply filters to your photos. Your choice of filter can be applied to your images from hundreds of filters present there. Regardless of how you apply filters, you can do so either one at a time or all at once.

Add Text

After you have uploaded your video or image, you can add text. This is an awesome feature. You can choose from more than 3000 fonts. It’s also possible to make your own customizable text font for overlaying your video if none of those texts appeal to you. If you want, you can overlay one single text over all your images, or you can add multiple texts to different images.

Try different Stickers and Animations

Adding more elements will also let you add stickers, animations, vectors, alight motion icons, etc. You might find these elements useful if you add them to your project. Alight Motion is filled with many different elements.

Tons of Keyframes and Effects

A variety of special keyframes and alight motion-free effects are also available, along with color stabilization, velocity-based motion blur, and hundreds of additional keyframes.

Preview your Video

Now that your video has been customized, it’s time to review it. You can play your edited video and check whether anything is missing.

Export in Different Results

You are now ready to export your video after checking it. In addition to XML and MP4 (Video), it  also offers GIF, Alight Motion Logo PNG, and JPG as export formats. Your video can be exported in any format you choose. Because my video looks so stunning in HD quality, I generally use MP4 as my format.

Save Elements for Future Use

The elements you customize can also be exported to use in future projects.

Share on Social Media Platforms

Well done! It’s time to upload your video. Make sure your video is shared on social media directly with your friends, family, and family members

Elements in Alight Motion

The most important feature of the Alight App is its elements, which play an important role in editing videos. A group can be categorized into elements and groups, both being reusable components. Unlike regular video editing projects, elements are saved separately. Navigate to the “My Elements Collection” tab to track your elements.

  • Your smartphone should be open and running the Alight Motion app.
  • You can now add cool effects to your video or image from your phone.
  • Your video can now be edited after you select the project.
  • Now you can add filters, effects, vectors, etc.
  • Once your video has been customized with your favorite elements, preview it.
  • After exporting your video, you can choose any device-compatible format.
  • Well done! Your videos have a lot of cool and attractive elements.

Why are Elements Important?

Elements are often misunderstood as not being important. Your video becomes more professional and attractive when you add elements to it. You can use various elements in your video to give it a smoothing effect. Simply choose your favorite text element and adjust it to your clip if you want to write anything on your video. Using elements, your video can also be stabilized, filtered, and used with visual effects.

Your video can be almost anything you want using just Alight motion elements. As well as saving you valuable time, it requires less effort. You can easily use these elements. Moreover, anyone with a Facebook account can access any element you share. Adding elements to your editing will improve the quality of your video. In addition, I suggest you include some cool fonts and visual effects in your video at least once or twice.

Features of Elements in Alight Motion

As we discussed earlier, elements play an important role. Alight Motion elements can also be used for some very cool stuff. It’s true!

Changing text properties is also possible with elements. Clicking on an element, followed by clicking the Element Properties button, will allow you to edit its text. The empty text field can be filled with anything you like. There are many interesting and easy-to-use ways to create text with this program. Alight Motion’s elements can also be edited by following the preceding steps.

Any element can also be customized in terms of color. Using the Color & Fill button, you can choose your favorite color, and it will show you different color choices. You can also edit existing elements or create your own. The Alight Motion website also provides many other elements for download.


  • This is one of the easiest and most user-friendly tools out there.
  • It comes with Fluid Animation Motion too.
  • If you want to use your favorite elements in the future, you can save them.
  • Customer service at Alight Motion is very responsive.


  • The title effects of the alight motion app can also cause issues
  • The animation of Alight motion can be confusing to new users, and the keyframe animation is difficult to understand
  • Some of his characteristics or features do not play a prominent role

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Alight Motion free good?

    Android and iPhone users will love Alight Motion’s editing and graphic capabilities. One of the best parts of Alight Motion is that it is completely free to download. It’s easy to use Alight Motion on your mobile device once you’ve got it installed. Videos, motion graphics, and visual effects can be created using the app.

  2. Is Alight Motion a good app for beginners?

    With Alight Motion, beginners and professionals can both enjoy the app. Therefore, the tool can be used without any hesitation, even by those without previous experience.

  3. What are the steps for adding media and audio to Alight Motion?

    Click on “Add Media” when you open the app, and you’ll be able to edit any of your videos or images. Adding some audio to your video is as easy as clicking the “Add Audio” button.

  4. What is Alight Motion editing?

    You can edit any recordings you have saved on your Android smartphone using Alight Motion, an app for editing videos. When the interface is nicely structured, and you have completed the editing, you can finish editing the films within minutes.

  5. How to use the Alight Motion app?

    There aren’t a lot of steps involved in using Alight Motion. Export the video to the quality you prefer by adding images, filters, and text to the app.

Final Thoughts

This great app could be used for scripting and iPhone graphics editing. Additionally, Alight Motion can be saved at any time. As soon as you have acquired the Alight Motion app, you will be able to create visual effects, motion graphics, and video redactions on your mobile device. Additionally, you can create animations, videos, and graphics using the tools you’ll have the chance to play with.

After reading our article, “How to Use Alight Motion App,” I hope all your confusion got clear. If you still have any questions, then you can comment below. Thank You!

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