What Are Alight Motion Features Of The Latest Version (2024)

Are you looking for a good editing app? But not sure which one to choose!!! Then do not worry!!! This article will discuss one of the best professional editing apps called Alight Motion. This app was originally designed for iOS-based devices, but now the company has launched Android versions of this app as well. This app provides editing features for phones that are mostly available only on PCs. This is what it makes it unique and stands out from the crowd. The purpose of this article is to examine some of its features. Download the latest version of Alight Motion Mod APK For IOS

Detailed Features of Alight Motion

  1. Editing of Graphics: Alight Motion is credited for being one of the few pre-motion graphics apps launched. Using this app, you can edit the graphics of videos. It contains many advanced tools for editing graphics. Now you can add multiple shapes such as hearts, circles, triangles and stickers. With this, you can add graphics to the layers of your videos. These graphics effects will take your videos and photos a level up.
  2. Layer Graphics: For layering graphics, we usually need a PC, as phones cannot support such heavy editing. But Alight Motion has provided you with the option of layering graphics on your phones. This can be used for both videos and audio. It has been supported by vectors and bitmaps; this is what makes it stand out.
  3. Adding Animation Effects: Among Alight Motion’s most amazing features is adding animation effects. The option of layering your videos, audio, and graphics provided by this app is not simple. These layers can be animated. This gives a professional look to your videos, audio, and graphics. Moreover, it also allows you to animate vector graphics. Hence, you can achieve a high-quality cinematic look from that.
  4. Visual and Customization Tools and Effects: There are a variety of visual effects available to edit your videos and photos. Along with that, it also provides you with various customization tools to customize the visual effects. Here you can do multiple things such as color changing, adding animation to the graphics, etc. In addition to that, alight motion allows you to make a new color for decorating your layers. All this will give a new look to your videos and photos.
  5. Key Frame Animation: One of the most important features this app offers is Key Frame animation. With the help of this feature, you can use fluid motions to customize the timing curves for our animations, and layers. Here you will be provided with various key-frame options which would help you to set a time frame as you like.
  6. Motion Blurring Feature: With the help of this feature, you can also control the motion of your layers, videos, audio, etc. It will allow you to edit movements and speed as per your choice and requirement. It will give your layers, photos, and videos a cool and fun look.

Alight Motion New Camera Feature

In the latest version 4.0, Alight Motion has introduced a new camera feature. It is one of the most amazing features which distinguishes this app from other editing apps. It gives a cinematic look to the videos. To use these features follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Click on the plus button.
  2. The three new camera features will appear in the camera view namely focus, blur, and fog.
  3. Focus your camera on the foreground, blur the parts of the background, and zoom in and zoom out to give your video a cinematic look.

You can easily use this app once you subscribe to the Alight Motion. In this way, you can edit videos without watermarks. If you would not purchase the subscription, you cannot access these features. However, if you want to access this feature without a subscription, you can download the apk file of the modded version of Alight Motion.

Tutorial for Beginners

As Alight Motion offers a complete package for editing, many features need to be learned and understood before using it. Therefore, this app also provides you with tutorials as beginners’ guides. In those tutorials, the use of every feature has been explained in detail. In those tutorials, you can explore multiple tips and tricks to use the features. It is advised you check out the tutorial if you are a beginner. It will enhance your editing experience. 

Basic and Subscription package of Alight Motion

The basic version of Alight Motion is free. This is an excellent editing app for those looking for something basic. Being basic does not mean that it would not offer you many options. You can still access a variety of editing options and tools. However, it will show the watermark on your edited stuff. This would give an unprofessional look.

It also contains many advanced editing options. As these features are premium, you need to subscribe to the app by paying the fees every month. This will unlock all the premium features for you. Moreover, it will also hide the watermark from your edited stuff and gives it a professional look. Keeping in mind the features it offers you, you would not regret subscribing to it!!!

Alight Motion All Features Unlocked APK

As many of the premium features in Alight Motion are locked, the third-party developers have also launched the modded version of this app. In 2022, all premium features are enabled in the latest modded version. The modded versions do not charge any money and provide all the premium features free of cost. With them, you can edit your stuff without watermarks.


Alight Motion has many amazing features that will provide you with a next-level editing experience. Especially, the new camera feature gives your photos a cinematic look. For basic editing, you can use it for free, but for unlocking premium features, you need to subscribe to it. Third-party developers have also designed modded versions of this app. This app is a must-download if you are looking for professional video editing.

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