Import And Scan Alight Motion QR Codes (2024) – Easy Guide

If you are looking for a video editor who has unique and awesome editing effects, then the Alight Motion application is an excellent option. Using this editing app, you can customize your videos and add a huge variety of effects. This app also allows you to experience the editing of QR code gacha, transition, and many more. 

Moreover, this video editor is designed for all Android and iOS devices in which you will get many amazing QR code effects for free. With this app, you can edit your projects without any interruption due to an ads-free interface. So, if you like editing and want to use the QR codes to edit your projects, you should download the Alight Motion app.  

Alight Motion QR Codes:

In the Alight Motion application, you will get a huge variety of new and unique effects for video editing. The app also gives you many amazing QR code effects such as CC QR code, Ghost effect QR code, Transition QR code, etc. Here we tell you about some awesome Alight Motion free QR code effects that you can use without any charge.

  • Lens Blur
  • Text Animation
  • Eye Glow + Sabar Line  
  • Colorings
  • True Money
  • Motion Lights

How to scan the Alight Motion QR Code?

To scan the QR code in the Alight Motion, you have to do the following things. First of all, go to your mobile settings. Then scroll down and find the camera. When you find it, tap on it and enable the option of scanning the QR code. After that, simply open your camera and scan the QR code of the application.

If your iOS device does not have this option, then you can download the QR code scanner or reader from the App Store and open it. Now, press the camera option and easily scan the app without any hassle. In this way, you can easily access any website through scanning. Download unrepeatable Alight Motion QR Codes.  

Alight Motion Ghost Effect QR Code:

If you want to add a ghost effect QR code in your video, image, or project, go to your Alight Motion application. Enter the “image or video” option to select the video or image you like to edit. Then click the option in the upper right corner and press the option on the left side of the previous option. After that, click the option of duplicate 1 layer and then go to the option of “blending and opacity” to adjust the half portion of the video to 50 and the other half to zero.

Then select the “Move and Transform” option to set it according to your need. Now, select the graph option and use the easy-out graph to play your video faster at the start and slow at the end. Finally, your video has been edited and completed with an amazing ghost effect code, and you can save it by exporting it to your device.

How to make a QR code on Alight Motion?

To make a QR code in the Alight Motion, all you need to do is open the app and select any of your favorite projects. Then click the option present at the upper right corner of the app. After that, select “project package” and click on the import option,

But you need to use the premium version of Alight motion. Then press the option of connexion to sign in and sign in with either Google or Facebook, which you want according to your desire. After that, do the same things you did before and wait a little bit to complete the process. Then click on the download to export the QR code in your gallery, and you are done.          

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How to use QR codes in Alight Motion?

The use of QR codes in the Alight Motion is very simple and easy. Simply go to Instagram and take a screenshot of your favorite QR codes and effects. After that, open the QR code scanner and import the QR code into the scanner whose screenshot you have taken. Read more Alight Motion Hack APK

Then you can directly scan the QR code using two mobile phones or one idea-open Insta QR page on a laptop, then you can also scan with the help of your mobile. Now you can see the link given on your screen. Then copy the link and paste it into any browser you want. After that, click on the import option, and the QR code will automatically import into the Alight Motion app. Now, you can use them easily for editing without any hassle.  

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How to import QR codes on Alight Motion iPhone?

To import QR codes on Alight Motion iPhone, iPad, or iPod, first, you need to go to Google, Safari, or Pinterest. After that, search Alight Motion QR codes in the search section of Any of your above-mentioned favorite apps. When you get the results of your QR code,

You can select any you like for your images or videos. Then press the download button to get your favorite QR code. Afterward, go to the Google Photos application, which is available on all Android and iOS devices. In Google Photos, open your QR code and click the option on the left side of the delete option.

Now tap on the website, and you will see the import option tap on it to import your project. Once the importing process is done, your QR code is in the Alight Motion, and you can add it to your videos for special effects. To replace the image with your desired one,

Tap on the media option and choose any image or video in which you want to use the QR code effect. If you found this article helpful, we suggest visiting our comprehensive guide on “How To Move Layers In Alight Motion” for more in-depth instructions and tips

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After reading the above-described article, you will know everything about the Alight Motion app with different QR Code effects. The QR code effects make your images and videos more natural compared to simple ones. The Alight Motion app gives you a wide range of new and stylish fonts for adding text editing to your videos. Moreover,

This video editor permits you to export and import images without any logo or watermark after editing the images. So, it would be best if you tried this video editor for editing your videos for free. Thanks for reading our article.  

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