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If you like video editing and want to edit your images or videos, then the Alight Motion app is an excellent option. This app gives you the opportunity to learn how to do basic editing using different tools and effects. This app does not put a watermark or logo on your videos.

Then, when you import or share them with others, no one will know whether someone edited the videos. Moreover, you can also learn the editing process with the Alight Motion shake tutorial. You can download the Alight Motion Shake effect from any third-party website free of cost without spending a penny from your pocket.

Beat + Shake + Effects

Additionally, you can use multiple shakes in the Alight Motion application, such as shake presets, shake Kannada, Shake QR code, Zoom Shake, and much more for the editing of your projects. This video and photo shake effect app has millions of downloaders all around the world because of its awesome editing features.

The downloading method is very simple, go to any third-party website and press the download button. You can download the shakes from Google without any charge. So, you must try this app to add stunning effects and filters to your videos. 

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Alight Motion QR Codes Shakes:

To import QR code shakes in the Alight Motion, you have to follow some directions then you can easily use your favorite shake code in your video editing.

  • First of all, go to Pinterest or Google Chrome.
  • Then search for the Alight Motion QR codes in the search section of the app.
  • When you get the related results, choose any QR code you want.
  • Then download the selected QR code, which will save on your devices.
  • Now, open the Google Photos application, which is available on all Android and iOS devices.
  • In this app, open your downloaded QR code and import it into the Alight Motion video editor.
  • Once the importing process is complete, you can use the QR code in your projects without hassle.
  • Just open the Alight Motion, select your project and find your imported QR code. Then use it in your video or image for editing.    

Alight Motion Shake Effect Import:

If you want to use shake effects in your videos during editing, you must first download them from Google or Chrome from any website like Dafont. After downloading your favorite shake effects, they will save in your device in the form of a Zip File. Then unzip the downloaded effects and click on them. After clicking, you will see the option of share or import.

Then click the import option and press the Aight Motion app in which you want to import. When the importing process is complete, press the ok option. Now open your Alight Motion video editor and pick any project you want to edit. Then press the plus option and click the effects option to use your imported shake effects in your project to make it more attractive.

Alight Motion Shake Presets:

In the Alight Motion application, you can use a wide range of shake presets to make your videos more professional and stunning without any watermark or logo. These preset are unique and impressive and include Manual Shake, Twitch Shake, CC HD Maybe, and much more, which are unavailable in other editing apps. 

Moreover, you will also experience Premiere Pro Shake effect presets in this video editor for free. Premiere pro shake effects are best for music videos to add striking and attractive effects. Using the presets, you can edit your videos in a short time; otherwise, you have to do everything by yourself, which takes lots of time. That’s why most people use presets while editing videos and images.

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Inshot Shake Effect:

You can also use your favorite shake effects in the Inshot to edit your videos according to your desire. For this purpose, open the Inshot app and import the video you want to edit. Then, go to the option of filter present on your display screen. Now, click the option of effect, go to the basic, and click the trembling effect. After that, adjust the value of the effect according to your need. Then add the effect in any place in your video where you want. Now the video is done, it is time to export it. Click the export option, and you can see it on your device when the process is complete.     

Alight Motion Shake Effect Kannada:

First, import the preset and then open the Alight Motion application. Now choose the project you want to edit with the Kannada shake effect. Then select any image you want by pressing the option of “image or video”. After that, tap the three dots and click the option “fill composition area”. Now choose one more image and set it between layers using the keyframes according to your requirement.

Similarly, select another photo and click the fill composition area option. Then adjust the timeline and choose any of your favorite shake effects by pressing the “Effects” option. To add your favorite effect, copy and paste it into the layer where you want to add it. After that, set the layers according to your desire. Now, the video with Kannada editing is ready to save. Click the import option for importing the video into your device.   

How to shake in Alight Motion?

If you want to add a flicker and shake effect, first, you need to open the Alight Motion application. After that, add the tiles effect and enable the mirror option on the part of your video where you want to add the shake effect. Then add the motion blur effect and auto shake effect,

But you have to save these adjustments. You just need to copy and paste all these effects into the video you want. In this way, you can easily use the shake effect in your videos without hassle. Visit to read more about how to fix alight motion mod APK errors – (Easy Guide)


By reading our article, you will learn all information about the Alight Motion Shake Effect and how you can use shake effects in the Alight Motion app. In the Alight Motion app, you will get a wide range of editing tools with hundreds of effects and filters to use in editing.

After editing the videos using Alight Motion, you will never see a logo or watermark in them. Moreover, you can also download the Alight Motion shake pack and import it into your app for a wonderful editing experience. I hope our article will help you a lot. Thanks for visiting our website.

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